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Don't wait to have the patio or sunroom you're dreaming of. Call us now!


You can choose from our wide variety of colors and style or go with a custom-designed cover. Add square footage to your entertainment space with a new sunroom or patio cover from us. Watch your home's value increase with our simple improvements.


Lincoln & McBride Paint & Aluminum is fully licensed and insured for complete customer protection.

Protect your deck or patio

Spend more time outside

Not only will, a quality patio cover from us to protect you from the sun, it will protect your deck or patio allowing it to last longer.


Harsh weather can damage a finished wood deck or concrete over time. Avoid maintenance!

    Different styles of carports  

    and patio covers include:


  • W-pans complete with leaf guards and bug plugs.

  • Flat pans complete with leaf guards and an after-market insulation package.

  • Insulated panel covers with hidden fan beams.

  • Protector pans for w-pan and flat pan covers to guard against hail damage.

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Patio covers are a great way to be outside and beat the heat by providing a shaded area at the push of a button. Each cover is professionally installed and has a lifetime warranty.


Another great investment for your property is a sunroom. It can be a good idea to have your custom-built sunroom when the summer is exiting and fall steps in. The sunroom allows you to be outside without  

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the harsh weather affecting you. Have plenty of space for entertaining at an affordable cost, and increase the overall value of your home.


You can be assured that the patio covers are priced affordably & professionally installed.